SMS Marketing Company In Bangladesh

Mobile phone one of the very important part of our daily life. Because this technology has the best communication media. SMS is one of the media who can create instant response is a mobile phone by the user. MY SOFT IT best SMS marketing company in Bangladesh. Our SMS marketing services are the cost reduce, save time and an effective way of marketing your product and service within a short time. our SMS is the specialty target your potential customer. our bulk SMS marketing service plan helps you promote your product, business, and company to the domestic and international customer. MY SOFT IT SMS service distribution of a large number of SMS messages for sending to the mobile phone by any company like Media companies, small and large enterprises, banks, multinational company, e-commerce company, school, and college, shop, brand and consumer shop etc.

Explore Our Comprehensive Bulk SMS Service Platform


We have dedicated SMS marketing team available in 24/6.

Return Audience

SMS marketing is the way to return your customer engagement.

API For Businesses

Our SMS software is API base so you can easily integrate application or software.


Send personalized SMS to a group, compose SMS in regional languages your sends & more.

Rich Text

Allow your customers to instantly reach out and get information by just texting into your sms .

Mobile Ready

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SMS Features


Bulk messages

Schedule your messages campaign to engage your customer and grow your business.

Usage Analytics

View and track your SMS performances and expenditure with an intensive reporting.


Automatically segment and sending a long message as multiple regular messages.

Number lookup

Seamlessly clean and help your mobile number database up to date by checking the validity of phone numbers and locations.

Alphanumeric Sender ID

Brand your SMS by customizing your sender ID using alphanumeric characters.

Delivery report

Notification that a message has been received by the end user.

Intelligent routing

Global routes monitoring system to ensure messages always take the best path.


Automatically queue and send high-volume messages at a rate that keep you compliant.

Ways you can interact with customers using our SMS

Reduce costs, save time. Plain and simple, text message marketing can greatly improve just about every business in existence. Forget snail mail. Save the stamps, save the paper, the envelopes and the time it takes to stuff them. Send SMS instead. It’s faster, cheaper and measurable. SMS Marketing response rates are higher than any other form of contact.

Benefits of SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing will generate more new clients

More Business will be originated from existing clients

Gross profit margin must be Improved

Extremely cost effective

No or little waste

Immediate delivery


Professional Impact on customers

21st century marketing

SMS Price


Minimum Buy: 500Tk(2500 SMS)

Sender Number : Multiple

HTTP API Access : Yes

Auto Backup Gateway Routing: Yes

Can Send OTP SMS: No

Can Change Package: Yes

Wordpress SMS Plugin : Yes

Fast Delivery Speed

Delivery Report: Yes

Validity :1y to 5Years

Number Formats Support: 88017,019,18

File to SMS : Yes

Dynamic SMS : Yes

Group SMS : Yes

Online Payment (Bkash Auto):Yes


Minimum Buy: 2000 SMS (600Tk)

Sender Number : Fixed

HTTP API Access : Yes

Auto Backup Gateway Routing: Yes

Can Send OTP SMS: Yes

Can Change Package : Yes

Wordpress SMS Plugin : Yes

Fast Delivery Speed: Yes

Delivery Report: Yes

Validity :1y to 5Year

Number Formats Support: Multiple

Group SMS : Yes

Dynamic SMS : Yes (From xlsx)

Group SMS : Yes

Online Payment (Bkash Auto):Yes


Minimum Buy: 10000 SMS (5000Tk)

Masking Sender ID: Yes

Masking Approval Time: 7 Working Days

Super Fast Delivery Speed

HTTP API Access : Yes

Send OTP : Yes

Delivery Report: Yes

Validity :2y to 5Years

Number Formats Support: Multiple

Group SMS : Yes

Dynamic SMS : Yes (From xlsx)

Group SMS : Yes

Online Payment (Bkash Auto):Yes

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We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.

Web SMS is a feature packed messaging portal which allows you to access your mobile messaging requirements from any computer with internet connectivity. There is no need for downloads or installation, you can start sending messages as soon as you have signed up .


It is a fast, cost-effective way to send text messages to friends, family, co-workers, customers or anyone, when you want to. With our global coverage, you can still keep in touch with friends and family even if you're miles away from home. ( On-net, Off-net & International SMS)

• It is easy too, sending texts from your computer is much faster than using your phone with the convenient manipulation on keyboard and monitor with user-friendly interface of Web browsers
• With our Web SMS service, you have the freedom to send even large SMS (upt o 459 characters) to individuals and groups
• You can even pre-schedule sms to wish your loved one’s in the special occasion conveniently

It’s the perfect service to communicate with your friends and family– wherever you may be. Forget the small keypad - send messages from any online computer!!

Package SMS Quantity Charge Taka Validity

 Mini Pack

100 - 500

0.80 Taka Per SMS

3 Month

 Starter Pack

501 - 1000

0.70 Taka Per SMS

6 Month

 Enterprise Pack

1001 - 10000

0.60 Taka Per SMS

1 Year

 Corporate Pack

10001 - 50000

0.55 Taka Per SMS

2 Year

=>        Web SMS Service from Level top IT Solution (LTIS)
=>        Professional SMS Service
=>        Send SMS without Any Phone Number, It will send from your
Business organization name or by yours.
=>        Very cheap SMS service
Charges and facilities:
=>        Full setup with control panel only at 3999 BDT.
=>        SMS Service with a website Package Only at 2999 BDT.
=>        One Month FREE system service.
=>        SMS Bundle 100 to Unlimited.
=>        Online Bundle buying system.